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Disciple Marauder

ff14 Marauder
Marauder is a disciple of War who makes use of the great axe as his weapon. This weapon is an arm emblematic of the pirates of the land of Eorzea. One word to describe disciple Marauder is cavalry. This disciple has immense body strength which it uses to fight enemies and crush them to death. When it comes to describe disciple Marauder, then it can be said that they are one of the most sought after and ferocious disciples. 

Marauders are very helpful when it comes to defeat monsters that are creating havoc in the land of Eorzea. They use their steel strength to fight against the armies and bring victory for their nation. They can turn the tide of the battle just with a single swing. They are equipped to make attacks even from a distance like for instance using weapons and axes like the Francisca. 

To describe disciple Marauder, their skills and abilities need to be assessed as well. These Tank classes imply their ferocious weapons to steer away all the enemies at one go. Their plus point is that they can assault the monsters and scavengers all simultaneously and manipulate the level the threat of the enemies. The skills that they attain as they go up the various levels are heavy swing, foresight, skull sunder, fracture, bloodbath, brutal swing, overpower, berserk, maim, mercy stroke, thrill of battle, storm’s path, holmgang and storm’s eye. 

Marauder gains more and more abilities as it raises its level in the game. The defence starts to increase from the second level onward and as it goes higher, the power of attack maximizes and it diminishes all the enemies in a cone. In the final level, it can produce a threefold attack and can tolerate the effect of the berserk which eventually amplifies the accuracy.

The weapons of the ferocious Marauder are Axes, Tusks, Labrys, War Axes, Bardiches and Bhujs. Their traits are enhanced vitality, enhanced foresight, enhanced maim, blood shower, enhanced fracture, enhanced mercy stroke, enhanced thrill of battle and enhanced berserk. This tank of skills enables it to fight with an enormous amount of enmity and staying protected and safe. Marauder has a special attack for maximizing enmity area known as Overpower that helps to create damage to a large area and huge amount of enemies. It sometimes uses Bloodbath and Berserk simultaneously that brings forth both recovery of the damage and restores the health of the Marauder and his people. 

Marauders are known to swipe off the brutal beasts without having any major health loses and accidents. They attain the role of Gladiators and Warriors as they reach level 15 and level 30 in the game respectively. The attention of the enemy is focused on him always as he is seen wearing the strongest and most magnificent armor. This warrior is a master and a pro of the melee combat and a savior for the weaker team members as they divert the attention of the opposite parties to themselves thus saving their team mates. 

Disciple Botanist

FF14 Botanist
The gathering class which is grouped as the Disciples of Land is Botany which is guild class based on Gridania. The primary resources of carpenters are gathered by the Botanists. For the Armors, Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers, wood are the frequent secondary component. A huge number of secondary materials for the crafting classes are produced by botany.

How to become a botanist?

Until and unless your character reaches 10th level, you cannot become a botanist. After completing the 10th level quest of that class, your guild leader will tell you that you are eligible to pursue other classes. Those players who are interested in choosing botany can direct their way towards Gridania. Once you reach botany guild, you need to speak to guild registrar. He is going to provide you an overview of the class and also offers a botany unlock a quest. Soon after you enter the botany guild you can’t find the quest unless and until you talk to registrar. After receiving the quest, you will be sent to guild master. Weathered hatchet will be offered by her, which starts your career as a botanist.

Gear for the botanist

Once you are equipped with a hatchet, you will be shifted automatically to botany. Every inventory slot and quest reward gearbox will be loaded in the tab. Glance on gear and see if you get a gear suitable for the botanist. As you are the Disciples of land, you have two important gear attributes as a botanist. Your skill will be enhanced along with your basic harvesting with gathering gear and other gear with the perception increases your chances in noticing and the harvesting of the raw materials.

Skills and abilities

The first will be your call ability which will encircled in blue color. The lower and higher level ability will give you the distance and directions to the nearest node from where you are eligible for harvesting. This in turn helps you in exploring the new zones. The second ability will be influencing your success rate. With this ability you can gather the maximum amount of points. On a given mode, this bonus will be applied to each and every harvest you do. The third ability is the stealth. You will receive the stealth early depending on the time you are harvesting till level 15 nodes. Outstanding benefit of stealth is that it will make you invisible to your enemies so that you can move slowly.

Leves and harvesters

In the world of final fantasy, it is seen that craftsmen, botanists and mining people are wealthy. For every crafting class, the shards which are found in the nodes will be used. In addition to the interest of botanists, three logs are used to make a lumber piece and all the carpentry recipe will burn through multiple lumber pieces. This helps you to know that huge demand is there for wood hence you need to do most leveling which acquires shards, wood and few components found in the standard nodes. Interesting fillers in the harvesting runs are the Levequests. The information provided to you about describe disciple botanist will help you out in choosing your character in final fantasy.

The Goldsmith in Final Fantasy 14

A goldsmith is a Disciple of the Hand in the game Final Fantasy XIV. Much like other hand disciplines, goldsmithing is heavily involved in creation. They mold and work precious metals and gemstones into highly decorative accessories and useful tools for other classes and people. Their jewelry leans heavily toward the Eorzean aesthetic. In addition to jewelry, goldsmiths also create staves, scepters, and hora for the thaumaturges and pugilists. As well a baubles and decorations, they create needles, circlets, and spectacles for weavers, casters, or crafters.

One can become a goldsmith by visiting Ul'dahn. The Ul'dahn goldsmiths are well fed in terms of raw materials: they are kept in materials and goods due to the rich mineral abundance of Thanlan. Despite the wide variety of materials, the raw goods can become expensive. Due to this, goldsmiths have adopted a universal policy of 'high risk, high return.' They have made an art of watching market trends and keeping an eye on material prices. It's in their best interest to keep costs low! The tools of the trade are simple: the goldsmith uses chaser hammers and grinding wheels to create their jewelry and artifacts.

A player looking to become a goldsmith in Final Fantasy can do so in the town of Ul'dahn. The primary goldsmith guild is Eshtaime's Lapidiaries. You need to speak to the goldsmith guild's receptionist once you are level ten or above in another class. You should expect to spend your time creating high value and high quality items. Initially, this is an expensive role, as the materials are quite pricey. With some skill and time, a smart goldsmith can turn their initial losses into great gains.

During early days, a goldsmith must focus on specific skills when it comes to leveling up. These are CP, control, and craftsmanship. The early skills that a goldsmith must develop, then master, are Basic Synthesis, which increases progress, and basic touch, which increases quality. Other skills that a goldsmith needs are Master's Mend, a skill that increases durability, as well as Steady Hand, that improves an action's success rate. The best skills that a goldsmith will eventually learn are Flawless Synthesis and Advanced Touch, which increase progress and quality even further.

There are several perks to becoming a goldsmith. First, you create the most unique, personal pieces of gear for 73 different equipment slots. They can also repair and Materia Meld their own jewelry when damaged. Leveling up a goldsmith is also incredibly simple, in the long term. Goldsmithing is also a profitable venture for at least the first month, as there are some ingots that are highly prized, but only goldsmiths can make. In terms of helping yourself, it is a good idea to level some mining skill. One needs quite a few raw materials and learning to mine can mitigate some of the damage if you have to purchase materials to smith your projects. Mining will allow you to get the shards, whetstones, ores, and gems that you need to begin a successful crafting career.

All in all, goldsmith is a worthwhile class. The goldsmith creates beautiful jewelry and artifacts for many classes, is easy to level up, and is eventually quite profitible in the long run.


Thaumaturge ff14
When you have gotten immersed in the FF XIV universe, then you may be interested in trying out some of the creative and interesting character classes that are offered. You may want to learn more about the Thaumaturge, which is a character specializing in destructive spells. To describe disciple Thaumaturge to players, the FF XIV creators have carefully laid out some of the different skills that they can acquire as they level up. When you get this character for yourself, then you may want to try to integrate it in to your current play style. It may take a little adjustment, but the Thaumaturge can be a very powerful character in the right hands.

You should first think about what skills you can get with this character when you first start out in the game. You might not be able to cause much destruction right away, but you will quickly learn to harness your powers and unleash them against your enemies. This actually makes the Thaumaturge class a very vital asset to many teams out there. You can support your allies, because you are one of the most potent and effective offensive weapons in the game. Just be sure to do what it takes to learn to use your skills effectively, since it can prove to be difficult for some novice players out there.

When you have gained a few levels, then you will notice that you can quickly acquire new spells. You can learn to Transpose, which can swap out fire and ice spells that you may have used before. Each new skill will provide you with a new devastating attack, which will prove to be very effective against a lot of different enemies out there. There are even spells that will allow you to temporarily raise the offensive potency of everyone on your team, or to transport yourself to a new section of the battlefield. Learn to use some of these advanced skills to craft an effective combat strategy.

There are many quests that are unique to the Thaumaturge, which makes it very fun to try out this character class. Think about whether you may want to try to complete some of the early quests, including the "My First Scepter" option. This can teach you some of the basics that you can expect to need to know by using the Thaumaturge character. If you haven't thought about using this for yourself, then you will need to practice some of the basic skills soon. These are techniques that you will tend to use throughout the entire game, which will help you advance and defeat stronger enemies.

Don't forget that there are a number of items that are unique to the Thaumaturge character. Try to track down some of the shields and weapons that can enhance the stats for your character, since this will only make you more effective in combat. As you progress through the game, you will accumulate the goods that you need to get your character improved and ready to take on more challenging enemies.